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Information about Patent and Trademark Office's use of cookies

Cookies is used by the majority of websites and in many cases they are necessary to get the different elements on the site to work successfully.

A cookie is a file placed on your computer or other IT equipment. It enables the website to recognize your computer and collect information about which pages and features that you visit with your browser. Cookies can not see who you are, what your name is and where you live. They can not spread computer viruses or other malicious programs.

This website's use of Cookies

  • Session-cookies
    These cookies are used to keep the relationship with your visit on our sites. These types of cookie is automatically removed when you close your browser.
  • Application-specific cookies
    These cookies are used to support functionality, typically in relation to remember information in forms, products in shopping cart, usernames and preferred language. The cookies typically have a fixed life span. You always have the option to delete cookies in your browser.
  • Statistics cookies
    We use Google Analytics to collect statistics about the usage of our sites. We do this to ensure the best possible content for our users and to eliminate discrepancies in our content and website structure. We only use Google Analytics on pages with editorial content. Self-service solutions such as application forms have no third-party analysis tools associated with it. Videos on these pages come from 23Video. 23Video uses a Flash cookie to record information about playback, for example, how much of the video is seen.

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