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Christmas Closing

Closed at the Danish Patent and Trademark Office during the holiday season.

We are closed during the Holiday Season, from 24 December 2016 until Monday 2 January 2017. 

During this time, applications can still be filed electronically via our website, sent by post or delivered to our 24-hour mailbox at DKPTO’s address. All applications will be registered with the actual date of receipt. 

For payments and delivery grace-periods, all days between 24 December 2016 and 1 January 2017 should be considered as Sundays. This means that all deadlines that expire during this period will automatically be extended until 2 January 2017. 

We will send receipts, letters of acknowledgement and paying-in slips as soon as possible after Monday 2 January 2017. 

Our survey products such as IPSurvey and IPClient are accessable during Christmas closing. However, for users of IPClient, this means that there will be no updates regarding case processing or payments during the above-mentioned closing. IPClient will be updated shortly after January 2 2017. In case of IT related questions, please contact IT Support.

IT-related problems

If you have problems submitting an electronic application, you can contact our IT Support team via e-mail: it-support@dkpto.dk. On our website www.dkpto.org you can find information on the actual operational status and report an error.

Our IT Support will answer inquiries between 27 to 30 December 2016.


Season’s greetings  


Danish Patent and Trademark Office