Turning ideas into assets

Janne Hedegaard

Principal Project Adviser


  • Academy Profession (AP) Degree in Computer Science (equivalent to Bachelor Degree)


Professional Experience: 15 years

  • 15 years’ experience from international consultancy on business and governmental level
  • Tender development; proposal drafting, budgeting, partner search and expert management
  • Contracting and procurement
  • Quality assurance/control, financial and technical reporting, back office administration
  • Extensive experience with the EU Twinning and TAIEX programmes 
  • Extensive experience as policy and technical adviser in the field of IPR enforcement and protection from long and short term assignments
  • Profound knowledge of various project management tools such as PCM and LFA.
Country Experiences: Armenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Thailand and Turkey

Contact information

Phone: + 45 43 50 85 78
Mobile: + 45 41 89 27 58
E-mail: jhw@dkpto.dk