Digitalisation at the Danish Patent and Trademark Office

We continuously work to provide long term digital solutions to our customers and stakeholders. Follow our efforts on digitalisation and find information about relevant changes to our way of business.


We have digitalized our corporate communication, which means that all information relating to national patent and utility model examinations will be delivered in e-Boks. The digital way of communicating allows for faster and more secure interaction, while reducing costs and Co2. 

From 2021 and onwards, the Danish Patent and Trademark Office will gradually transition to sending digital information on all areas of IP rights. The gradual transition will be implemented to minimise risks and potential complications for our customers. 

Users of IP Client

Users of IP Client already receive information digitally, and will continue to receive mails in IP Client. During a transitional period, users will experience a new screen image when accessing the client. The user will be asked to choose from two entry points to the system. 

  • Access for professionals working with cases relating to Danish patent and utility models.
  • Access for professionals working with SPC, DK/EP cases as well as cases relating to trademarks and design.

Sign up for IP Client

IP Client gives access to cases related to rights at the Danish Patent and Trademark Office.

Processing cases related to SPC

The Danish Patent and Trademark Office communicates all information relating to letters of processing as well as letters of extensions in SPC related matters. Important documents relating to current examinations are easily accessible in one place, easing the process for users and examiners.

We still send SPC registration documents and registration print-outs in paper form, but this process is also set to become digitalised in the near future.