Send and receive secure emails and digital post

Customers should consider sending secure e-mails or Digital Post under the following criteria;

  • If the e-mail contains detailed descriptions of an idea, which you believe has the potential of obtaining exclusive rights
  • Other trade secrets
  • Confidential or sensitive personal data


It is possible for Danish companies to send Digital Post to the Danish Patent and Trademark Office (DKPTO) using the digital mailbox available at
The DKPTO is restricted to viewing documents in MS office and PDF formats.
If a company has granted an individual employee a certificate/company certificate, the holder of the certificate will be able to send direct e-mails to DKPTO via DKPTO’s security key must be installed in advance. Click on the button below to install. (Download by right clicking the file and choose ‘save as’).   

Load the certificate from NemID’s server (Seach

Individuals with a Danish CPR number

Individuals with a Danish CPR number have the possibility to send Digital Post to the DKPTO using the digital mailbox available at or


Replies to e-mails sent using secure e-mail or Digital Post will be send to the mailbox it was sent from. Are you writing to us on a regular basis, we invite you to use our secure self-service solution IPClient. 
All correspondence relating to applications or granted intellectual property rights, including patents, trademarks or designs, will be sent to the relevant secure digital mailbox or by post, unless the receiver is using IPClient. Letters will be sent in PDF. 
It is also possible to send a standard e-mail to without encryption and digital signature. Non-encrypted e-mails are not secure, and the DKPTO are not responsible for the potential of third parties obtaining knowledge of the content.