Cookie Policy

What is a cookie?

Cookies are used by almost all websites. In some cases, the use of cookies may be necessary to supply a service on the website. A cookie is a small datafile which is stored on your computer or IT-equipment. Cookies make it possi-ble for the website to recognise your device, and to gather information about the pages and functions that you use in your browser. However, cookies cannot identify you, detect your name, where you live, or whether your computer is used by one or several people.

This website makes use of cookies. We will let you know that we are setting a cookie before doing so. We are obliged to do so by law. The first time you visit our website you will see a banner on the page containing information about the use of cookies for the purpose of gathering statistics. Disabling cookies can result in certain functions of the website being unavailable to you. 

We use the following types of cookies:

  • GoBasic_CookieState:

GoBasic_CookieState registers that the user has accepted cookies and remembers this when switching pages 

  • GB_resolution:

GB-resolution is a technical cookie that scans images according to screen size

  • CookieConsent:

Saves the user's cookie consent state for the current domain. 

What will happen if I do not accept cookies?

Disabling cookies can result in certain functions of the website being unavailable to you.

How do I delete cookies?

Once you have accepted cookies, you can always remove them again by visiting this page. Alternatively, you can delete unwanted cookies under the internet settings of your browser. 

Why do we inform about cookies?

All Danish websites are obliged to inform about any cookies left on the user's equipment. This information must be in accordance with the provisions of the "Order on requirements for information and consent when storing and having access to information in the end-user's terminal equipment". The order requires an informed consent from the user when the website wants to store cookies on the user's device equipment. 

Additional questions

Please contact Danish Business Authority if you have any additional questions about cookies on +45 35 46 60 00.