A registered trademark gives you an exclusive right to use specific characteristics, making your brand easier for customers to recognise. It takes us approximately 6 weeks from payment to process your application. A trademark registration is valid for ten years after which the registration can be renewed for ten years at a time an indefinite number of times.

How to apply for a trademark registration?

You can submit your application via e-mail or ordinary post. We recommend that you use the trademark application form to ensure an efficient examination process. 

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The basic fee for a trademark application is DKK 2,000. VAT will not be added to this fee.

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Filling in your trademark application

There are no formal requirements regarding the format of the application, but if you use our application form you can find directions regarding the content of the application. Your trademark application should, at least, contain the following 3 items:



1. Your trademark

You must choose the type of mark that you wish to register. Depending on the type of mark you either type it in or attach a representation. You can find detailed directions in the application form.


2. A list of goods and services

Your list of goods and services must be classified according to the Nice Classification. The Danish Patent and Trademark Office participates in TMClass. If we find deficiencies in your list, we will contact you to help you. It is possible to submit the application with the list in English initially, but we will require a Danish version.

3. Information about the applicant and, if applicable, representative

We do not require foreign applicants to appoint a representative.

Our examination

When we receive a trademark application, we examine if the application meets all the legal requirements and is eligible for registration in relation to current law and practice. If we find formal deficiencies regarding your application, we will address these initially.

After the formal examination, we examine for absolute grounds and relative grounds. The examination of relative ground consist of a search for earlier confusingly similar trademarks with validity in Denmark (national rights, EU trademarks and international trademarks designating Denmark). As a service, we include a search report if we have found any earlier trademarks. The search report is for information purposes only.

Applications are only refused if we find absolute grounds. For information about absolute grounds, see sections 13 and 14 in the Trade Marks Act.

International trademark protection?

We usually take about 6 weeks to examine your application. Your trademark will have priority from the application date, so you have a solid basis should you wish to proceed with an international registration. If you would like to know more about your options, we are ready to help you.

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If you need help

If you have questions in relation to submitting a trademark application, we are ready to help you.

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Need an overview of forms and filing options?

We have collected all forms and filing options to give you a quick overview and easy access.

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