Commercial Services for Patents and Utility Models

We offer a wide range of search services to our customers in Denmark. If your company is based outside Denmark, please contact our partner Nordic Patent Institute.

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Novelty Search

With a Novelty Search, you get a quick answer on the existence of inventions similar to yours . With this information you can assess how to proceed with your invention and whether to apply for a patent. 

Dialogue Search - patent

Search together with an expert. Dialogue Search gives you the opportunity to collaborate with one of our search experts in finding relevant patents and other literature. The search can be carried out virtually or at a physical meeting at the Danish Patent and Trademark Office. 

Freedom to Operate Search

Which ideas are already protected within your technical area? In a given technical field, other patents can easily get in the way of your product development. With a Freedom to Operate Search, you receive input to your work of uncovering which patents and patent applications already exist within your technical area. The search can be used in your further work to map your possibilities.  

Clearance Search

Before launching a new product, it is useful to know if you can manufacture and sell it without infringing the rights of others. A Clearance Search can be used as an indicator of whether or not this is the case. If the search shows that other rights already exist, you have a better position to make a risk assessment and to secure yourself against unnecessary costs for production and any future lawsuits.  

Validity Search

Do you suspect that the validity of an existing foreign patent can be questioned, or that a foreign patent application should not lead to a patent? A Validity Search generates documents that can be used to challenge the validity of a patent or an application. We can also examine the validity of utility models.



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