About the Danish Patent and Trademark Office

We drive innovation - and strive to ensure that companies get the most out of their ideas

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How we work

Business Insight

We know that rights can strengthen corporate competitiveness. Therefore, we work to ensure that our customers have the prerequisites to make qualified decisions benefitting their business. We do that through dialogue, professional insight and competent guidance.

Skilled Employees

Our employees are competent and dedicated. We engage relevantly, responsively and competently. And we work together to achieve our common goal: that companies can exploit the full potential of their ideas.

International Perspective

Our focus reaches beyond the borders of Denmark. The world has become more connected and intelligent. Therefore, we work to smooth the way for Danish companies to gain access to new markets, enabling export, growth and employment.

Mission and vision

Help businesses turn ideas into assets

Europe’s best IP environment for business

How we are organised

 The Danish Patent and Trademark Office comprises 200 employees. You can get an overview of our organization, the Executive Board and managerial staff in the organisational chart.

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