About us

Driving Growth and Development for Businesses

In Denmark we live on great ideas. Our knowledge, insights and ability to innovate will provide for future generations. Our welfare is dependent on inventors, entrepreneurs and innovative companies driving growth. With the world becoming increasingly connected and competitive, the risk of ideas and inventions being copied is on the rise. The need for IP rights is more present than ever.

IP rights Strengthen Competitiveness

At the Danish Patent and Trademark Office we work to support innovation, strengthen corporate competitiveness and fight counterfeiting and piracy.

Our vision is clear; we want to create the best IP-environment in Europe for business. IP rights can make the difference between a good idea and a successful business. In other words, patents, trademarks and design rights are fundamental prerequisites for innovation and growth.

We aim to ensure that bright minds and Danish businesses have the rights to their own ideas, and we want to create the best possible conditions for growth and development, both in and outside Denmark.

We work nationally and internationally

Through dialogue, insight and capable guidance, we support our customers in making qualified decisions about IP rights and we demonstrate how they are used most efficiently.

We strive to ensure a legislative framework that makes life easier for Danish entrepreneurs and companies nationally as well as internationally. And to support Danish export and jobs, we work with local authorities to improve the IP system in relevant markets around the world.

We work for the benefit of our society. For Danish business and trade. For growth and welfare.

Mission, vision and values

The Danish Patent and Trademark Office is part of the Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs


Help businesses turn ideas into assets


Europe’s best IP environment for business

  • We seek new opportunities
  • We engage ourselves relevantly, responsibly, and competently
  • We collaborate on solutions across boundaries
  • We create an attractive place of work
  • We place the customer in focus, deliver high quality, and learn from mistakes

How we are organised

The Danish Patent and Trademark Office numbers 200 employees. You can get an overview of our organisation, the Executive Board and managerial staff in the organisational chart.

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Digitalisation at the Danish Patent and Trademark Office

We continuously work to provide long term digital solutions to our customers and stakeholders. Follow our efforts on digitalisation and find information about relevant changes to our way of business.

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We are ISO Certified

The Danish Patent and Trademark Office has been ISO certified since 2005. The certification shows that we deliver a consistent quality in our services and working processes

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