At the Danish Patent and Trademark Office, we rely on data and thorough analysis to develop a deep understanding of drivers and developments in society within technology and intellectual property rights. We examine how companies exercise their rights and turn ideas into lucrative business. It gives us valuable insights in opportunities and barriers faced by the IP holders, just as it provides us with the prerequisites to support the Danish business community with guidance and data-driven policy development.


IP commercialization in an interconnected world

The report summarizes key trends around IP creation and commercialization in India and Denmark and presents recommendations that seek to strengthen the IP landscape in both countries.

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The Significance of Patents for Start-up Company Growth

An analysis on how S&E Start-ups with and without patents perform on a number of economic key figures, and what drives their growth and development. 

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Life science - the industry's use of patents and Denmark's global position

An analysis on the to the use of patenting in the life science industry as well as the position of Danish life science industry in relation to the global life science industry.

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Denmark’s leading position within green technology

An analysis of the Danish patent landscape within green technology. The analysis provides an indication of which companies work with green patents and Denmark’s position globally.

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Robot Technology – A Patent Landscape Analysis

An analysis of the strengths of Danish robot technology, nationally and internationally in. The analysis is set forth to help Danish companies identify relevant technology areas and spot early trends in the development of new technologies.

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Automation - A Patent Landscape Analysis

An analysis of the Danish automation industry. The analysis outlines Danish companies' patent activity in automation from 2006 and onwards. In addition, it compares Danish and global development trends.

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The IPR Turnaround project contributes new knowledge on how Danish companies can strengthen their earnings with intellectual property rights (IPR).

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Do you want to know more?

If you need more information, you can download our annual statistics for 2019. The Danish Patent and Trademark Office publishes new key figures once a year. The next version will be published at the end of May.

Patents can only be published 18 months after the application date. Therefore, there is a time lag in when patent figures can be published in the statistics, but we always show the latest available figures.

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Other reports

By using the links below, you can find more reports on the value of rights for businesses and society, barriers to small business use of rights, and the harmful effects of illegal piracy.

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