International Cooperation

A transparent and well functioning IPR system is a prerequisite when businesses work to gain a strong competitive position in foreign markets.

The Danish Patent and Trademark Office strives to improve conditions for Danish companies seeking IP protection in foreign markets and for foreign companies seeking IP protection in Denmark. We represent Denmark in a number of international organisations, and we work to streamline application processes and legislation as well as a harmonisation of legislation and practices.

Promoting Innovation and Welfare through IP Rights

On a political level, we aim to promote intellectual property rights as a key driver for commercialising research and development - a lever for increasing welfare in society and fostering innovation to combat global issues such as financial- and health crises.

On an operational level, we aim to ensure that IP protection systems are efficient, cost-effective and fit for purpose, and that the IT-solutions developed are smart, intuitive and benefit our users.

Efficient IP Protection Systems

Our international efforts focus on offering our users more efficient framework conditions for IP protection. We work towards creating faster patent prosecution and internationally harmonised IP legislation and practises to enable a simplified and cost-effective approach to global IP protection.

We exercise influence in several organisations, committees and working groups.

  • In the European Patent Organisation (EPO) we were among the pilot offices driving an introduction of sharing national search results with the EPO to qualify EPO’s search work.
  • In the World Intellectual Property Organisation's (WIPO) Standing Committee on the Laws of Patent we have proposed to investigate ways of improving quality and efficiency in the patent granting process by making use of work done by other patent offices.
  • In relation to the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), we have actively supported measures to increase quality of the system by e.g. introducing a third party observation system and a supplementary search system to overcome language barriers at different authorities.
  • We are a significant contributor to and partner for WIPO in developing their IT-services to the benefit of users.
  • We have for years played an active role in working on harmonising key important aspects of patent laws, including holding the chairmanship. We aim to establish harmonisation of a package of agreed topics within patent laws, providing our users with a simplified and uniform set of norms to adhere to.
  • In the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) we are involved in a number of cooperation projects and working groups such as the group regarding harmonisation of European trademark practice. 

Faster Access to Foreign Markets

The Danish Patent and Trademark Office has been one of the first offices in the world to establish a Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) programme with other patent offices. A PPH agreement ensures efficient and fast-tracked patent prosecution, providing you with a faster entry to foreign markets.


If you have questions in relation to our international work or regarding PPH, you are welcome to contact Flemming Kønig Mejl via e-mail or telephone +45 4350 8148.

We are part of the following organisations:

  • The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
  • The European Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO)
  • The European Patent Organisation (EPO)
  • IP-related working- and expert groups within the European Union.