Are you ready for Brexit?

Published 11-01-2021

Brexit may affect you if your company owns intellectual property rights in the UK or if you apply for rights with following validation in the UK.

Implications will apply to your EU trademarks or designs, but there will be no changes for you if you have European patent rights. You can get help in relation to what you specifically need to be aware of.

Visit the Business Guide or the UK IP Office website
The Business Guide provides comprehensive entry for help and guidance on starting up, operating and developing your business. The purpose of the Business Guide is to make it easier for entrepreneurs and companies to receive guidance as well as to navigate laws and regulations.

The Business Guide also contains specific information about Brexit for companies. Here you can e.g. find information on intellectual property rights and how the individual types of rights - trademarks, designs, patents - are affected by Brexit. The Guide also directs you to the websites of relevant authorities, where you can find further information.

You can find the article on intellectual property rights in the Business Guide here (In Danish).

For more detailed information on your intellectual property rights in the UK after January 1, 2021, please visit the UK IP Office website here.

Call Customer Service
You also have the opportunity to contact the Danish Patent and Trademark Office's Customer Service and .receive guidance on Brexit and intellectual property rights. Reach Customer Service on +45 4350 8301 during opening hours or 

Read more
Visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Brexit website, and the English IP Office website.