Notification: Communication via digital post to close 26-29 November 2021

Published 22-11-2021

In order to prepare for the transition to MitID and NDGP, communication via digital post between authorities and private individuals as well as companies will close in the period 26-29 November 2021. All users of digital post have been informed of this by the Danish Agency for Digitalisation. The closure also has consequences for digital communication to and from the Danish Patent and Trademark Office.

Post from the Danish Patent and Trademark Office

Post from the Danish Patent and Trademark Office, which you should have received in the period 26 - 29 November 2021, will be delivered when digital post is reopened on 30 November 2021. This means that you will have 1-4 days less to respond to our letters. This is less than normal, but still on average a smaller time loss than if we send by physical post, which takes least 5 days.

Post to the Danish Patent and Trademark Office

You must meet the deadlines stated in the letters which we have sent to you, and which fall on the days of the closure. This means that you must use alternative communication channels during the period where digital post is closed.

If you have questions about digital post in the period 26. -29. November 2021, you are most welcome to contact customer service on +45 43508301 or via email.