Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs wants to strengthen competitiveness of Danish companies and help protect good ideas

Published 21-09-2021

The Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs has launced a national action plan on intellectual property rights with 16 initiatives in order to help companies protect their products and ideas. The plan will contribute to maintain Denmark’s position in green transition and life science.

In Denmark, many companies live on knowledge and innovation. Our global leadership in the green transition is based on good ideas and innovative solutions. Often, these are and should be protected through patents and trademarks, so companies can protect themselves against cheap copies and unfair competition. However, small and medium-sized companies in Denmark are lagging  behind the countries we normally compare ourselves with, when it comes to the share of companies that apply for patents, trademarks and design protection. 

The Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs has therefore launched an action plan for patents, trademarks and designs - so-called intellectual property rights - with 16 concrete initiatives. The plan aims to help companies strengthen their business.

In one initiative, the government has, together with a large majority of the Danish Parliament, allocated DKK 3 million annually over the years 2021-2023 to a patent voucher which provides financial support to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the process of applying for patents. Another initiative is a platform where companies can trade with their patents, thereby strengthening their competitiveness and increasing value creation.

"Many of the export adventures that make Denmark a prosperous society are born out of innovative inventions. It is the government's ambition to ensure growth and job creation, and therefore it is necessary to strengthen the competitiveness of Danish companies. Our small and medium-sized enterprises have an unused potential and we must therefore address the barriers that prevent them from registering and protecting their rights. This will strengthen both companies and Denmark and benefit us all," says Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs Simon Kollerup.

"In Denmark, we live not only on innovation, but also on intellectual property rights. Exports, growth and jobs are inextricably linked to patents, trademarks and design rights. If Danish companies are to be strong in the innovative race, it is crucial that more - and especially SMEs - protect their innovations in a timely manner and gain insight into how they can use rights with greatest benefit. With the action plan, we can improve the framework for Danish business significantly thereby facilitating innovation of companies and the creating the jobs of the future", says Sune Stampe Sørensen, Director General of the Danish Patent and Trademark Office.

The action plan is also welcomed by the Confederation of Danish Industry:

"For business and especially entrepreneurs and SMEs, it is positive that an IP action plan has been launched. This can help Danish companies stand strong in international competition. The necessary protection and enforcement of Danish companies' intellectual property rights is crucial for their opportunities to invest and research new technologies and solutions while attracting innovative and qualified labor. Studies show that there is great potential for growth and financing if companies protect their intellectual property rights and that this also opens opportunities for new markets and partners – in short, it gives more leeway for companies," says Lars Sandahl Sørensen, CEO of the Confederation of Danish Industry.

The Danish Business Community also sees good opportunities in the action plan:

"The action plan provides us with a powerful strategy to ensure a solid foundation for the competitiveness of our innovative companies, not least our innovative SMEs. This is very positive as we in Denmark live very much on the good ideas, including life science and green technologies which are often linked to patent protection. Therefore, I am very pleased with the many good initiatives in the action plan, and I am looking forward to see them realized and working for Denmark's future growth," says CEO of the Danish Chamber of Commerce Brian Mikkelsen.

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Facts on the Action Plan

The National IP Action Plan contains 16 initiatives in four areas which

1. Increases value creation through IP rights
2. Ensures a fair, more efficient and well-functioning IPR system
3. Increases international engagement
4. Creates more knowledge of IP rights