New e-application form for EU trademarks at EUIPO

Published 11-08-2022

EUIPO has on 1 August 2022 launched a new electronic application form for EU trademarks making the application process more user-friendly and efficient. The new design of the new e-application form provides better guidance and is more intuitive. The application process will also be easier with new functions.

With the new e-application form, it will be possible to import information from a previous EU or national trademark application into a new EU trademark application, for example information about applicant or the product list. It will also be easier to add and search for goods or services for the product list, as the search function in harmonised terms has been optimised.

If you are interested in a detailed review of the new functions and changes, EUIPO has made a webinar about their new e-application form. It is possible to access the webinar here

The new e-application form will replace two of the three trademark application forms at EUIPO, that is the five-step form and the advanced form. It is expected that this is carried out by the end of November this year.