PVS Pay: Are you familiar with our new payment system?

Published 16-05-2022

The Danish Patent and Trademark Office has launched a new solution for the payment of IP rights with the purpose of creating a more user-friendly, efficient and transparent payment process for our customers. You are welcome to contact us if you need help, or if you would like a demonstration of the system.

PVS Pay allows you to pay charges for all types of IP-rights. For example, you can pay application fees, renewal fees, annual fees and opposition fees.

Using PVS Pay gives you a number of benefits

  • you receive a receipt for payment immediately
  • the payment process is fast
  • you may pay by credit card and MobilePay around the clock
  • you have the option to create a company profile which gives you access to see an overview of the payments you make in PVS Pay.

If your company has a PVS account

If your company uses a PVS account for payment, we will contact you to make arrangements for you to use the new payment solution. For now, do as you usually do.

If your company does not have a PVS account

If your company does not have a PVS account, you will be able to pay by credit card or MobilePay. You will receive a receipt for the payment immediately.

If your company uses IP Client

IP Client is not yet part of PVS Pay. You can therefore continue working in this system without any changes.

If you have questions about PVS Pay or need help, please feel free to send us an email.