New partnership strengthens intellectual property rights in the energy sector

Published 16-05-2024

The Danish Patent and Trademark Office has recently established a partnership with Energy Cluster Denmark, a leading energy cluster in the country. The goal of this collaboration is to ensure that Danish energy companies can fully leverage their innovative solutions on a global scale.

There is good energy in a good idea.

Several Danish companies have demonstrated this over the years with great success – and more are on the way, especially when it comes to innovative solutions for hydrogen production, climate-friendly fuels, and digital building solutions.

When transitioning from an idea to a viable business, understanding intellectual property rights becomes crucial for Danish companies aiming to market their green innovations globally.

In light of this, the Danish Patent and Trademark Office and Energy Cluster Denmark have joined forces. Their partnership aims to streamline the process of protecting intellectual property rights for Danish energy companies. By doing so, these companies can maximize the value of their innovative ideas and solutions on an international stage.

“Together with the energy cluster, we will intensify the help to the Danish energy sector with a special focus on small and medium-sized enterprises. This will secure their rights in a competitive, worldwide market. Simply put, we help innovative companies get the most out of their innovative ideas and thus their own investments - to the benefit of both the climate and society,” says Sune Stampe Sørensen, director of the Danish Patent and Trademark Office.

Is your idea already on the market?
The collaboration between Energy Cluster Denmark and the Danish Patent and Trademark Office practically aims to enhance access for the energy cluster’s many hundred members to quick assistance regarding IP rights and in their work with knowledge-intensive energy technology.

“We currently facilitate over 100 innovation projects that involve everyone within the value chain for energy technology. In each project, the relevant partners agree to an agreement, which Hafia Law has prepared for us. This is largely about intellectual property rights in an innovation cooperation setting. Access to the Danish Patent and Trademark Office’s competencies makes it even easier for our members to clarify whether everything is in place when an innovation project begins,” says Glenda Napier, CEO of Energy Cluster Denmark.

The Danish Patent and Trademark Office assists with IP matters and provides guidance to members of the energy cluster in connection with business development, attracting capital, and exploring new markets. It is also possible to test a new idea to determine if it already exists.

The goal is to simplify and streamline the process of working with climate-friendly innovation and business development, ensuring that energy cluster members are well-prepared when bringing new initiatives to the market.

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 Translated using Co-Pilot with additional editing.