Patent Application via eOLF

You can submit Danish and international patent applications via eOLF. The service is free of charge, but you must install software which will then be used together with electronic identification (smartcard). This means that the filing process is safe and that data is transmitted in encrypted form.

How to use eOLF

In order to use eOLF for electronic filing of  patent applications, you must install EPO's Online Filing package.  This consist of a smartcard, a smartcard reader and online filing software.

  1. Start by installing EPO’s Online Filing software.

  2. Order an EPO smartcard. It takes approximately 20 days for the card to arrive. A PIN code will be sent to you separately together with instructions on how to activate your card. 
    Order and

  3. When you have received your EPO smartcard, you must sign up to our filing server before you submit applications. Sign up via

  4. Please check that your smartcard works via If your card is registered correctly, you will receive the message ”This is the Online Filing receiver URL. Your smart card certificate is working correctly and you can file to this URL using the Online Filing client.” 

How to use your EPO smartcard

  • Please make sure that you insert your smartcard correctly. The indicator light on your smart card holder must show green constantly and your smartcard certificate must be visible in the browser overview of certificates.

  • If you have renewed your smartcard, please remember to register it on our server via

  •  Your eOLF programme must be kept updated. When you start the programme, you will receive a message if there are updates.

Need help?

If you have questions regarding filing of applications via eOLF, you are most welcome to contact us. Our phoneline is open Monday -Thursday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Friday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.  

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