Indian and Danish IP experts gathered for a conference in New Delhi

Published 10-05-2022

A report has been made for the Indian and Danish IP authorities that, among other things, uncovers where the two countries can learn from each other when it comes to the commercializing of innovation. Those learnings are now the focus of a joint conference in New Delhi.

What can India and Denmark learn from each other when it comes to commercializing innovation, and what does it take for us to create the best conditions for innovation in the future? These questions are the overall framework for a major conference to be held in New Delhi on Tuesday 10 May 2022. 
It is the first Danish-Indian international conference on the commercialization of innovation and intellectual property, and it will function as a knowledge-sharing platform where key stakeholders, such as political decision-makers, IP creators and experts as well as investors jointly will debate and imagine a future roadmap for a strengthened IP commercialization ecosystem in both countries. 

Learnings and political opportunities for India and Denmark 

The report is called "IP commercialization in an interconnected world - Lessons and Policy Opportunities for India and Denmark", and dives into the ecosystem of IP commercialization and the potential for IP-driven growth. Dialogue between IP creators / innovators, investors and policy makers is crucial for ensuring suitable framework conditions for the commercialization of IP and for promoting innovation and green growth. 
To support these dialogues, key stakeholders in both countries have contributed to the report, which both outlines key challenges in the ecosystem and sets out various evidence-based solutions to them. 
The recommended opportunities for boosting IP commercialization in the future include the following:

  • Streamlining technology transfer
  • Better use of IP for SMEs
  • Improved market conditions for commercialization of innovation
  • Improved options for submitting IP applications
  • Upscaling infrastructure to improve commercialization readiness
  • Tax incentives for improved industry engagement in IP creation and IP commercialization
  • Increased pool of risk capital to promote IP

Learn more and download the full report here

Long tradition of collaboration in the IP field 

For several years, India and Denmark have worked closely together on the IP area. In 2020 our two countries entered into a Strategic Green Partnership, where, in the words of Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, Denmark has the technological solutions, and India has the size and scale, so that we can help solve some of the challenges of the green transition in the world together. 
IPR plays a significant role when it comes to solving climate challenges, because the export of the new climate-friendly technologies depends on a well functioning IP system, so that the exchange and sale of knowledge and solutions can take place smoothly and favorably for all parties.
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