The Danish Patent and Trademark Office visits partners in India

Published 25-03-2022

The Danish Patent and Trademark Office has a long history of cooperating internationally to create the best framework conditions for Danish companies both in Denmark and abroad. This week it drew some of our employees to India, where we visited our business partners.

India is an important market for exports of, among other things, Danish green technology. Recently this was pinpointed by the strategic green partnership between Denmark and India, which drew Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen to New Delhi in the autumn of 2021.
During her visit it was said that India has the size and Denmark has the technical solutions to contribute to significant parts of the green transition, which we all, in the name of the global climate crisis, are interested in making happening as soon as possible.

A strong international IP system

Achieving these ambitions requires a well-functioning and efficient global IP system. Because well-functioning IPR systems and strong enforcement gives companies greater predictability and certainty that they can protect their technology, products, and services in their export markets. This is one of the reasons why the Danish Patent and Trademark Office has cooperated with the Indian IP authorities and stakeholders in the area for a couple of years, participating in a major partnership co-financed amongst others by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The main objective of the various activities in India is a mutual exchange of experience, to increase the IP capacity of both partner countries. The activities also have a strong focus on green technology and transition. Efforts are being made to improve framework conditions, protect intellectual property rights and commercialize green technologies, so that we ultimately strengthen innovation, job creation and growth in green industries both in Denmark and India.

In 2021, the collaborative projects resulted in, among other things:

  • An agreement on digital access to traditional knowledge through the so-called Traditional Knowledge Digital Library Access Agreement, which was concluded together with the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in India.
  • The fact that a working group was set up between DPIIT and DKPTO was set up in March 2021 to explore the possibility of a patent prosecution highway (PPH) agreement between Denmark and India.
  • A start-up on the implementation of a quality management system (QMS) in accordance with the ISO 9001 principles of the Indian patent department. 

This week's visit to our good Indian partners has included positive meetings with CSIR, the Trade Department at the Danish Embassy in New Delhi, The Japan External Trade Organization, JETRO, Invest India and the Indian Patent Office to name a few.

Governance, collective objectives, and mutual commitment to concrete cooperation elements have been on the agenda. The week ended with a steering committee meeting for the collaboration.

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