PVSonline is a database provided by The Danish Patent and Trademarks Office that enables you to access information about Danish patents, trademarks and designs.

Ownership of PVSonline

All rights to PVSonline are owned by The Danish Patent and Trademark Office.

Terms of use

It is only allowed to use PVSonline via the Danish Patent and Trademark Office’s website. Commercial use of PVSonline and other use that goes beyond normal use may not take place without prior permission from the Danish Patent and Trademark Office.


There can be information about rights that has not yet been transferred to PVSonline when you carry out a search in PVSonline.

The Danish Patent and Trademark Office strives to ensure that information on PVSonline is correct but takes no responsibility for the accuracy of information on PVSonline. Users are therefore encouraged to have the information in PVSonline confirmed by the Danish Patent and Trademark Office before the information is used in another context.

Should you discover incorrect information on PVSonline, please contact us so we can correct it. If there are any discrepancies between the information on PVSonline and our register and case material, the information in our register and in case material are to be considered the correct information.

Update of data

Data and documents are updated on every business day (Monday-Friday). Correspondence is accessible when an employee at DKPTO has screened the correspondence for sensitive personal or confidential information. If the correspondence contains such information, the correspondence will not be publicly available. However, it is possible to request access to the correspondence. We update and review data as soon as possible, and the documents are accessible on PVSonline 4 days after they have been approved for publication.  

Please notice that emails are transferred to PVSonline once a week. Patent, utility model and design applications are transferred to PVSonline once they are published in the Danish Patent Gazette or Danish Design Gazette. DK/EP patents are transferred to PVSonline when they are approved for validation in Denmark. Trademark applications are transferred to PVSonline as soon as possible after submission.

Communication and safety

A search in PVSonline happens via open internet traffic. No encryption is used.


PVSonline is normally always accessible. However, interruptions may occur because of necessary system updates. Interruptions will be announced on our website to the greatest possible extent.


Please contact our customer service for inquiries about PVSonline.